Friday, March 25, 2011

All You Magazine

I have ever a lot of coupon bloggers talk about this magazine. I had never picked it up until today cause in part I only go to walmart at 4am in search of cheap frozen dinners when i've been too busy all day to cook but I saw it and grabbed it and said why not.. let's see what all the fuss is about.. And I am going to say I'm now a believer.. It actually has a ton of coupons I can use. (lots of makeup ones and we all know how much I love makeup.. or maybe you dont, pst I love makeup.) also a lot of food ones that my grandmother and cousins can use. I've been trying to get them into couponing.. which isnt the easiest.. but now when I see them next week I will have a ton of coupons for them. Can't wait.

So next time you are at Walmart pick one up.. It's really a great magazine. And this months has the cutest hidden candy rice crispies.. which i can't wait to make.

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