Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review of Jet Puffed Mallow Bites.

Ok, I love marshmallow I will admit it.. Ice cream with marshmallows in it is like kryptonite to me.. it's so delicious.. or cereal with little marshmallows

So I picked these up a while back at Target for like $1.39 i think and ate the entire bag over a few days.. and then much to my surprise while out the other day stopping at the .99 cent store I found them again. So of course I bought them.

They are tiny chocolate covered Marshmallows perfect for putting in ice cream or just as a snack. A serving is 24 pieces which is a lot so it makes for a big snack. Only 130 calories per serving.. Now I will tell you I don't check calories on stuff I usually just eat whatever I want, I know for a lot of people thats not how they can eat. I do watch how often I eat and I am the small eater type. Like I can't finish a meal at a restaurant even if I tried.

I suggest mixing them in with a little bit of like teddy grahams for a s'mores like snack..

They are very delicious and definitely worth the $1.39 or less that I have found them at.. throw them into mixes of other snacks, throw on top of ice cream or alone and enjoy.

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